Building Security

Unlike concerts or festivals, which come and go, a building can serve as a place of business on a daily basis. This means that a building requires a very different type of security force.

At Ace Security, we offer building security services that take every aspect of a building into account. From the basement boiler room to the front entrance, we protect every part of your building against theft, fire, and general unruliness. We do this by visiting your location and assessing your needs. Once we assess your needs, we come up with a plan to protect your building. This involves deciding on what parts need security guards and how many. This also includes figuring out how to staff the guards in rotation to ensure fresh eyes stay on your building.

If you already have security cameras in place and need staff to manage them, we do that too. We’ll act as your control hub, your front door security, or your entire building security team if need be. We pride ourselves on communicating as a team and how highly trained our staff are. We also take pride in our professionalism and customer service. We do not just stand around to scare people. We engage with your building occupants to ensure that they feel safe and welcomed. We help answer questions they may have too. We do it all, ranging from customer service to protective services. Contact us today to see how we can keep your building safe 24 hours a day 365 days a year.